1. Do you include cleaning chemicals and other equipment within the hourly price?

A. Yes, we do, unless you have some specific chemicals you would prefer us to use. In that we charge some extras but that too depending on the type of chemicals or equipment used.

2. Are all your staffs vetted?

A. Yes, they have worked in this company for quite a long time and they are considerably trained and experienced to handle all types of cleaning jobs.

3. What are the types of properties you serve?

A. We indulge in both domestic and commercial cleaning services and we clean offices, homes and small gardens.

4. Do you clean even when we are not at home or in office?

A. If you can trust us with your key, we will definitely clean up for you even in your absence. Our reliability is one of the big reasons for our immense popularity among our clients. You can ask for references and we will provide you with enough ones to make you feel satisfied and relaxed.

5. Why should we opt for your services when there are many other cleaners in and around Basingstoke?

A. Well, that solely depends on you. We are not going to boast of our services as we do not believe in self promotional techniques. All we have to say is we have been doing this for quite some time now and our clients are really happy and satisfied with our efficiency, affordability and trustworthiness. You can call us up to have a quick chat and you will be convinced about our services for sure. Our hardworking professional cleaners have years of experience in cleaning all types of homes and offices leaving no scope for complaint.

6. Are your cleaners friendly with kids and animals as they might be there when you clean?

A. Yes they are, our staffs are trained enough to deal with the residents in the most cordial manner, be it kids or animals. We take great care not to hurt their feelings in any way and we also have our own way of handling things like not to let your kids step on the cleaning surface before it’s done with.

7. What if you cause any damage to my property?

A. Well our trustworthy and efficient cleaners seldom have any such complaints on them but if under unfortunate circumstances, we do cause any damage to your possessions, we make our best efforts to replace them as soon as possible.

If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call so that we can provide all the answers you want. Have a great day!