Domestic cleaning – As mentioned earlier in our services page, we indulge in various domestic cleaning services irrespective of the size and shape of apartments. All you have to do is fill us in with your requirements and we will do our best to comply. You can even leave your keys with us for cleaning when you are not at home as we are one of the most trustworthy cleaning services that are there.

Our domestic cleaning rates are at £14.00 per hour and we clean for a minimum period of 2 hours.

Office Cleaning – We take great pleasure in cleaning all types of offices so that your visitors and employees get a very good impression of yours. Our affordability and reliability are two big reasons for our popularity. Furthermore, while cleaning offices, we take care not to damage your existing property in any way.

Want to know our prices? Well, we offer our office cleaning services at the rate of £14.00 per hour depending on the size of office as that is going to decide how much time we will need to clean it up.

Carpet cleaning – We are immensely careful while cleaning your carpets and we leave no stone unturned to get rid of all dirt and dust particles that accumulate on it over time. Food scrubs, pet hair and everything are cleaned up professionally so that you can live in a healthy environment for days to come.

And, our reliable cleaners are not much pricey in order to provide maximum convenience to our clients. Our carpet cleaning rates solely depend on the application process. We have no fixed rate for carpet cleaning.

Oven Cleaning – It is the job that you hate the most, right? Well we are here to take care of it while you can relax and chill. All you have to do is give us a call and state your requirements so that our efficient cleaners can be there on time to clean your ovens and make them effective for a long duration.

Our oven cleaning rates are not as high as that of others. We take only £55 for small ovens and £75 for large ones leaving you no scope to grudge or complain.

We also indulge in window cleaning and small gardening jobs, the rates of which depend on the type of application and the area we serve. So if you are looking for cleaning services, look no further than FFC Cleaning Services Pvt. Ltd as we are one of the most affordable, experienced and hardworking professional cleaners in entire Basingstoke.